Green Poison: Energizer's New All In One Charger

Energizer's - If You have multiple iDevices, like the iPhone and the iPod, And Also a laptop, Any laptop, you'll know how hard it is to find multiple AC outlets to charge all at places of Them. This is very true and When You are traveling at airports, you'll Have to charge all your devices at Different places charge if you want to simultaneously Them.
But now, There Seems to be a solution to this problem With The new all-in-one charger by Energizer. The new gadget is Called the iSurge and offers too many options for anyone. Lets suppose You have an  iPhone or iPod Touch, a laptop, Another smartphone, or something like this.
The iSurge have a built in 30 pin connector, for your iPhone or iPod Touch, a USB outlet, for your iPhone or other gadget Which Any charges from a USB port, and three AC outlet ports. You Can Be So charging three laptops at a time With This little gadget.
This Means That You Will just be converting AC outlet port at one place Into Any Outlet AT three ports, one 30 pin outlet port, outlet and one USB port. So as a total, You Will Be charging five devices at a time if you want.
There is one problem But, the device does not Have the international standard socket. This Means That Will the device work in the U.S. only. But if you get yourself a converter to convert the standard U.S. socket to socket an international standard, You have yourself one Very useful device.
This Could be one very important tool in anybody's laptop bag Who travels a lot in the company of Many gadgets. Also, at $ 60, This Can Be Both seen as a very expensive, and not so expensive device. Try it out When it gets released to the public in the month of October.

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