Green Poison: Will IOS 5 Access to UDID Block on iDevices

IOS 5 - UDID've Been A very important too, or feature, or protocol, for developers and ad agencies IOS alike. But now, it is all going to change public launch of With The IOS 5. If you dont know what a UDID Exactly is, it is a unique identification number for your iDevice. Your dog iDevice be tracked from anywhere in the world if your UDID is known.
This Has Been of great help for ad agencies as They Can literally track the impressions and ad clicks of an app on Each device to app basis. Even developers UDID Can Use the info in May lot ways. But Apple, all of a sudden and Without Any prior notice, is Removing the feature from IOS 5.
TechCrunch rightly mentions iOS That Will Have to developers writing codes start from scratch to Facilitate the new technology to keep track of users of Their apps, This Could suck a considerate amount of juice from one's life. Apple describe this change in the developer documentation as follows:
Deprecated in IOS 5.0
unique alphanumeric string uniqueidentifer To Each device based on Various hardware details. (Read-only) (Deprecated in IOS 5.0. Instead, create a unique identifier specific to your app.)
Even This Will Affect the game in the IOS space networks as They Will Not Be Able to track devices. And ad agencies Will Have to Rely on the cookies in the browser to keep track of the ads are interacting That With The users. Will this mean That Also in-app ads and in-game Will Have No value as They cannot save cookies in browsers?
Also, AppleInsider is pitching the Fact That This Will Affect integration icloud as well:
"The Will change the appearance of occur Alongside icloud, Which Will allow the user approver That apps to share a unique key across devices using icloud Documents and Data's new feature. For example, a developer to customize icloud Can use the appearance or state of Their app across the users' devices by sharing key value data in the cloud. "
So what do you feel about this?

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