Green Poison: How Can I Restore My Jailbroken iPhone?

Jailbroken iPhone - Speaking of which about jailbreak and unlock an iPhone, many are wondering if you can restore your iPhone to its original factory settings after the procedure. This is understandable because they have to spend any amount of money and dealing with risk bricking. Fact is that we still have a chance to completely reset the device to its original state prior to jailbreak or unlock. Fully reversible process is probably because you only need to customize the software, not hardware.
However, you should make a backup of your personal information completely, and he will retire after his iPhone to default settings. Therefore, you can recover the data after the completion of restoration. Here are some steps to restore your iPhone with jailbreak.
Connect your iPhone to your PC so you can have the device in iTunes. However, there are cases where you need to go into firmware update mode when the device is unlocked or jailbroken iPhone not detected by iTunes due to damage during the procedure to hack the software.
You must select a backup when iTunes asks if you want to back up your iPhone before you begin the process.
Once you've completed the support process, iTunes will ask you to select the Restore option.
You will need to restart your iPhone automatically after the restoration is finished. Apple logo should appear at startup.
After the restoration process is over and restart the iPhone, you are prompted to "Connect to Active 'screen. You should continue the activation.

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