Green Poison: Jailbreak Your New iPod and iPhone Through Blackra1n

Blackra1n jailbreak software is usually helpful to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch. blackra1n working on versions of OS 3.1, 3:11 and 3.1.2 after. This software is provided by the "COMEX." blackra1n using USB bug in the code, while jailbreak the device. Not good news for the new 3G and iPod Touch 3G users, blackra1n can only jailbreak the latest firmware. It supports all but the last firmware 3.1.2. You must notify the user when the battery should be fully dismantle the device, decided to restart again.
Here is the procedure to jailbreak your device using blackra1n. First, you can browse http://www.blackra1n.com. Once you have downloaded the software, save it on your desktop, double-click the icon blackra1n before saving, make sure the device is connected to a computer, there will be a sentence "do ra1n" click him. The phone will go into recovery mode, you can now see pictures GeoHot, blackra1n started working and the phone also started to reboot. Then, a message indicating 1n blackra1n is free software, reboot after they met, the phone began to jailbreaking, and you have an Internet connection on your device, because it will help to implement the application.
From the above context, it is said that the jailbreak Blackra1n easy. Therefore, it can be applied. Users can join for jailbreak software package without any trouble.

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