Green Poison: iPhone 5 and iPad to get more power through 20 Existing Android Features

Beta testing is whether Apple's operating system may be used and the power and the latest generation of iPhone, which will launch soon, iPhone 5.
There are many features added to the operating system iPhone 5 and here are some of them are discussed below;
Alert Center:
Note iPhone 5 center is the first feature to speak in public. This will help users with the swipe of a finger access to see in one shot. It will show customer iPhone5 important information, such as batteries, the system time and status of the network, GPS and Bluetooth.
Update History:
OS also brings new features to add so-called kiosks, so read all the lovers out there have the latest updates on iPhone 5 background.
Cloud synchronization:
Cloud computing and Google is always a phase of a decade now. Since all data is stored in the employee's computer at the moment, but in the cloud, allowing many users to access and work with similar projects, one does not need the same browser, operating system or software, while that the use of the concept.
Who does not want to be pampered occasionally reminder is iPhone 5 one. You have in iPhone5, iCal and Outlook applications icloud reminder to all of your private and personal multitasking and therefore do not require system-level machine to the same requirements. There are even installed geolocation feature, supports reminder, in general.
Besides the features mentioned above, although one might expect iPhone5 wireless synchronization, the update OTA, navigation tabs, Twitter integration, voice control, shortcuts for the camera when the phone is locked, Safari, the keyboard split to adults, Widget, IMessage, rich text format, flash LED for call and alerts, custom vibration, find alternative roadmap, YouTube and mail.
With power characteristics of iPhone 5 fullest, we hope to return as early as this September.

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