Green Poison: iPhone 5 – the Features and its Launching

In all iPhone 5 wondering and waiting will soon be launched this year and rumors about the release date of making the rounds, one waiting and wondering about the new features that come with the new era of technological toys.
So what is this talk about making the rounds on iPhone 5?
Jonathan lives and brought together some iPhone 4 Apple predecessors, who now depend iPhone 5 make waves around the world with the latest features and applications. The media tells us more about its features then a breakthrough at a glance what to expect when your hands are iPhone 5.
The new model will come with more storage capacity, 32GB and 64G of memory space.
iPhone 5 not have a problem with the signal and is known as one of the best models among the smartphone was introduced.
For security reasons, facial recognition is a new feature added, so that thieves and burglars can not continue using iPhone5 otherwise.
How is it different from iPhone 4?
In previous versions with 3G support, the new models support 4G.
GPU and 1GB of RAM Upgrades from previous versions and now have a dual-channel processor core 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of main memory and GPU-accelerated talk more.
A bigger screen with better quality high definition iPhone 5 what's on the iPhone 4.
Steve Jobs to resign, will affect the implementation of iPhone 5!
It created a stir when CEO Steve Jobs left the newspaper and most want to know if it will affect the release of iPhone 5 or not? The media said that only the person's general manager has changed, now is Tim Cook will notice about how much they need this fall.

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