Green Poison: San Francisco admits of helping find the iPhone 5 prototype

iPhone 5 prototype - If you remember, last week reported that a prototype of the iPhone has lost five in a bar in San Francisco like what happened in the prototype iPhone again four years. This is something that is suspicious in itself. Now we have more fish, or both rather silly if you will. There are also reports that the Cupertino giant track prototype for the iPhone 5 lose houses in the city for 22 years, and the Apple staff have to find a place.
He said people just go to Apple saying that they came from the police in San Francisco and looking for a house, but in fact, not even a policeman who was there. The police files are somewhat agree with this statement. San Francisco Apple says not contact this department and no consideration San Francisco police are there to find a home.
But a report from the weekly San Francisco seem to say otherwise. Here is an excerpt from the report:
"The conflicts of the previous statement that no record of any police involvement in the search for missing prototypes, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt.. Troy Dangerfield SF Weekly now says that "three or four" San Francisco police officer with two Apple in search of safety not usually a man in his home in Bernal Heights.
Dangerfield said that, after negotiating with Apple and the captain of the Ingleside police station, has learned that police in plainclothes went to a San Francisco private investigator in the house of Apple Sergio Calderon, a resident of Bernal Heights 22 years old. According to Dangerfield, officials "did not enter the house," but standing outside the house while Apple employees explore Calderón, vehicles, and computer files of any trace of the missing from the iPhone 5. Phone is not found, and Calderon denied that he ever was. "
So what do you think? Do you think it's a great game to keep the iPhone 5 from of the press and the camera?

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