Giveaway: JotAgent an iPhone App for Dropbox – 4 Promo Codes | Giveaway

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email JotAgent is minute app for iPhone and iPad so as to mechanism by means of DropBox to save by means of notes rapidly and easily.

JoteAgent amass all notes on Dropbox, it income you can correct of entry by means of notes anywhere as of iOS devices, Mac or web. So participate in petroleum iPhone app Giveaway following characteristic list.

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Giveaway: JotAgent an iPhone App for Dropbox – 4 Promo Codes | Giveaway


  • As almost immediately as the app is customer you can begin script notes, no navigating required
  • Send the note to by means of Dropbox explanation by means of a solitary tap of a button
  • Full monitor script mode on the iPhone at what time in landscape mode
  • Automatically saves the note as a book folder by means of the present day and occasion as the title
  • Built-in note browser, now in container you desire to appreciate writing by means of obtainable notes
  • Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion
  • Universal application: compatible by means of iPhone and iPad

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  • Before December 24rd, Follow @TrickyWays on Twitter and tweet petroleum message: #Giveaway: JotAgent an iPhone App for #Dropbox - 4 Promo Codes http://bit.ly/ewZt6W @TrickyWays
  • Random 4 winners, persons who go after us on Twitter determination be chosen by,by means of randomizer and notified by straight Twitter communication or by email if contain leave a comment underneath by,by means of right email.
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