How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II with S2 Root | Android

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email Do you desire to origin by means of Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android phone? You can do petroleum by by,by means of S2 One-Click Root for Samsung Galaxy S 2, Thanks to “lyriquidperfection” as of XDA-Developers.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II by means of  S2 Root | Android


  • Make certain USB Driver is wrap up on you computer
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode, go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.
  • Before organization S2 Root, Flash an Insecure Kernel

Download S2 Root for Samsung Galaxy S 2 and extract the files.


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Connect by means of Galaxy S 2 by means of the computer by,by means of information cable so as to moderator by means of it.

Run the “S2 Root” so as to you contain downloaded.

s2 origin  exe

Hit the “Root Device” button to create it, by means of phone determination reboot at what time Root procedure completed.

S2 Root for Galaxy S 2

If you desire to corroborate so as to Samsung Galaxy S 2 is rooted, create sure “Superuser” app in the apps list.

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