Jailbreak iPad 3.2 using Spirit [Windows] | iPad

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email You can do,carry out Spirit untethered jailbreak on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2. Follow the known instruction to jailbreak iPad by means of Spirit in Windows.

iPad have to be activated, It have to not on connect to iTunes/Emergency name screen, iTunes 9 to 9.1.1 determination labor and syncing by means of iTunes is optional preceding to annoying this. What is Spirit?


Download Spirit folder for Windows.


Windows 7 funding have to set the compatibility mode to run petroleum Spirit folder (if you not by,by means of Window 7 bound to step-4).

Right clack on downloaded Spirit folder and select “Properties” option

Spirit properties


Click on “Compatibility” tab and select “Windows 98 / Me” alternative as of dropdown as exposed underneath in monitor blast and clack OK button.

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Set competibility mode


Double clack the Spirit folder to run it and connect by means of iPad by means of computer.

connect iPad


Click the Jailbreak button to create jailbreaking iPad.

iPad connected


After a as,at the same time as Spirit determination prompt by means of Success message, Click “Quit” button.

iPad jailbreak succeded

iPad determination reboot and come to an end the process, Finally by means of iPad determination be jailbroken wiht Cydia installed.

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