Change Calendar Default Reminder Time

SUMMARY: Give yourself more time when Outlook 2007 reminds you of upcoming appointments.

By default, when you add an appointment in the Calendar of Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook provides a 15 minute reminder for the meeting, although this can be changed on a per-meeting basis.

If you frequently need more reminder time and don't want (or forget) to change each appointment reminder manually, you can change Outlook's default:

1. Select "Tools" - "Options".

2. The "Options" multi-tabbed dialog box appears. Click the "Preferences" tab.

3. Underneath "Calendar", make sure "Default Reminder" is checked.

Changing the Calendar's default reminder time in Outlook 2007

4. Next to the checkbox, click on the pull-down and change the reminder time as desired. Or, you can manually enter the amount of reminder time.

5. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

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