Tab Right-Click Shortcuts

SUMMARY: Right-click on the Google Chrome Tab Bar for more tab opening/closing options.

When more than one tab is open in Google Chrome's tab bar, several tab opening/closing features are available by right-clicking on a tab:

Duplicate: Creates a duplicate copy of the content in the tab in a new Google Chrome window

Close other Tabs: Closes all other tabs but the currently-selected tab

Close Tabs to the Right: Closes all tabs to the right of the currently-selected tab (when this tip was written, there was no "Close Tabs to the Left" feature)

Close Tabs opened by this Tab: Closes all tabs that the current tab opened, either via the webpage or by right-clicking a link and choosing "Open link in new tab")

Plus the following standard options are available:

New Tab: Creates a new tab (or press Ctrl + T)

Reload: Reloads the current tab (or press Ctrl + R)

Close Tab: Closes the current tab (or press Ctrl + W)

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