Do Not Press the Red Button

SUMMARY: Better not press the red button... but how can you resist? It's a button... and it's RED!

Bad things tend to happen when you press red buttons. Plans spring into action, things may blow up, items may disappear... but the red button is tempting, isn't it? It's shiny. It's begging you to press it. And.... it's.... so..... RED!

Now you can add your own red button to Google Chrome via the "Do Not Press" extension. This adds a red button to the right of the address bar. But can you keep from pressing it? You never know what would happen...

What happens when you press the Red Button? Better not find out.

To install this extension:

1. From Google Chrome, visit the "Do Not Press" page.

2. Click the "Install" button.

3. Click "Install" in the "Confirm Installation" dialog box when prompted.

Confirming installing the "Do Not Press" extension in Google Chrome

After installing this extension, the red button should appear in the Google Chrome toolbar. But you should not press it, of course...

This tip was written regarding Google Chrome v4.0.249.89 on a Windows XP machine and Do Not Press v1.0. Features, information, and screenshots are subject to change between versions and operating systems.

Some of the content in this extension may not be suitable for kiddies...

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