Search a Term by Highlighting It, with Autocomplete

SUMMARY: The "Highlight to Search (by Google)" extension to Google Chrome lets you search by highlighting text and clicking a pop-up magnifying glass.

Google Chrome users: when you see text on a web page that you would like to research further via Google, are you tired of copying the text and pasting it into the Address Bar? Or, even if you know that you can right-click selected text and choose "Search Google for", wouldn't it be nice to have Autocomplete features here so you can refine your search query?

The "Highlight to Search (by Google) extension offers an alternative way to search. After installation, all you need to do is highlight text on a webpage and a magnifying glass appears. Click it and a search box appears with AutoComplete features. Click on your term or a related one and a new tab appears with results of your search query from Google. It's that easy.

Highlighting "PowerPoint 2010" on a text page and using the Highlight to Search (by Google) extension for Google Chrome

To install:

1. From Google Chrome, visit the "Highlight to Search (by Google)" page.

2. Click the "Install" button.

3. Click "Install" in the "Confirm Installation" dialog box when prompted.

Confirming installing the "Highlight to Search (by Google)" extension in Google Chrome

Note that by default, this extension does not work on https:// sites due to privacy concerns. To change this configuration, or to view results in the same tab instead of a new tab, you can access the extension options. If you don't know how to do so:

1. Click the wrench button on the toolbar, selecting "Tools" - "Extensions".

2. Underneath "Highlight to Search (by Google)", click the "Options" link.

Options for the "Highlight to Search (by Google)" extension in Google Chrome

This tip was written regarding Google Chrome v6.0.472.63 and Highlight to Search (by Google) v1.0.34 running on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots are subject to change between versions and operating systems.

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