Change Your Home and Startup Pages

SUMMARY: Configure the webpage(s) that display when starting the Google Chrome web browser.

By default, when starting Google Chrome, the "New Tab" page appears, offering screenshot access to the user's most frequently-visited websites. While many people may appreciate this feature, others would rather display a home page or multiple home pages of their choosing, or a completely blank page instead. To configure this setting:

1. Click the Tools button.

2. Select "Options".

3. When the "Google Chrome Options" dialog box appears, click the "Basics" tab.

4. In the "On startup" section, click the "Open the following pages" radio button.

5. To startup Google Chrome with a webpage or multiple pages:

Click the "Add" button, then when the "Add page" dialog appears, enter the URL to add to your startup pages or select a recently-viewed page. Click "Add" in the "Add page" dialog box. Repeat as desired to open multiple pages when starting Google Chrome.

Adding a page to Google's startup page list

To startup Google Chrome with a blank page:

Click the "Add" button, then when the "Add page" dialog appears, key in about:blank. Then, click "Add" in the "Add page" dialog box to close it.

Now, to adjust your "Home" page, accessible by pressing Alt + Home:

1. In the "Home page" section, click the "Open this page" radio button.

2. Type in the page to open, or use about:blank for a blank home page.

Setting a blank home page in Google Chrome

When you are done making both adjustments, click the "Close" button in the "Google Chrome Options" dialog box.

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