Increase or Decrease Text Size

SUMMARY: Having a hard time reading text? Increase its size by zooming in.

Having a hard time reading text in a webpage browsed in Google Chrome? Or would you like to fit more text on a page?

The following options / keyboard shortcuts let you increase or decrease the size of text. Note that text inside images, Flash animations, etc. will not change. Depending on the webpage, zooming in or zooming out may affect the webpage's layout, causing inadvertent affects. Also, there are limits to how large/small you can make text:

Using the toolbar:

1. Click the "Control the current page" button.

2. Select "Text Zoom".

3. Select "Larger" or "Smaller", or "Normal" to make text the default size.

Increasing text size in Google Chrome

Via the keyboard:

Larger: Ctrl + + on the numeric keypad (hold down Ctrl and press +), or Ctrl + = on the main keyboard

Smaller: Ctrl + -

Normal: Ctrl + 0

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