Set up ad hoc Network | Share Internet Connection Windows 7 | MS Windows

email You can setup an ad hoc network recognized by computers and devices to share similar to connection, sharing documents, etc. Ad hoc network can merely be wireless, so by means of computer or device have to be wireless able in additional words have to contain wireless adapter installed.

wireless-ad-hoc-network-windows-7You can share wireless similar to connection as of PC with no router. If you are by,by means of Internet on by means of Laptop Windows 7 wrap up and desire to share internet connection by means of additional wireless devices after that you can setup ad hoc wireless network on Windows 7 to split similar to connection by means of wireless devices similar to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.


  • Click on “Start” button.
  • Type connection or network in search box.
  • Click on “Set up a connection or network” search result.


  • Scroll downward a bit, select “Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network” option.
  • Click “Next” button.


Click “Next” button again.



  • Enter Network name.
  • Select “No authentication (Open)” alternative as of Security kind options.
  • Check “Save petroleum network” create sure box and hit “Next” button.


Click on “Turn on Internet connection sharing” to create sharing similar to connection.



You determination see petroleum message, Internet connection sharing is enabled, hit the “Close” button.


Now examination the similar to connection, scan for wireless connection on by means of any WiFi able device similar to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, Windows Laptop, etc.

I contain tested petroleum shared wireless connection on dissimilar wireless devices similar to iPhone 4, Android Phone, PC and MacBook Pro. See screenshots below.

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Secure Wireless ad hoc Internet connection Windows 7

To safe by means of shared wireless similar to connection,

  • click on “Start” button.
  • Type manage wireless in search box.
  • Click on “Manage wireless networks” search result.

You determination see all obtainable wireless networks.


Right-Click on the wireless network so as to you desire to safe and select “Properties”.


On the after that casement clack on “Security” tab, select the “Security type” and enter the “Security key”. Click OK button at what time done. Now anybody who determination try to use petroleum wireless similar to connection first, he wants to enter security key.

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