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email Outlook Express is replaced by means of Windows Live Mail, if you in the clouds as of Windows XP to Windows 7 or Vista you determination no longer discover the Outlook Express in it. So you may require to transfer by means of Outlook Express emails to Windows Live Mail.

If you now desire to transfer Outlook Express communication to Windows Live Mail in Windows 7 or Vista at petroleum time is a easy physical technique to transfer emails.


First of all you require to demonstrate the hidden records on Windows anywhere the Outlook Express is installed, since the file obvious the Outlook Express emails / mail is hidden in Windows XP.

To Show hidden files/folders in Windows XP.

  • Open “My Computer”.
  • Click “Tools” menu and select “Folder Options”.
  • Click the View tab and discover “Show hidden records and folders” alternative beneath “Hidden records and folders”.
  • Click “OK” button to save settings.


Now place the Outlook Express file on the ,next path
C:Documents and SettingsYourUserNameLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{identity number}MicrosoftOutlook Express

- If Windows on by means of computer is wrap up on dissimilar Drive in its place “C:” after that discover the “Outlook Express” file in so as to drive.
- YourUserName in the on top of scarcity trail is logged in consumer name.
- {identity number} in the on top of scarcity trail determination be dissimilar for each user.


When you establish petroleum “Outlook Express” file copy and transfer to the computer anywhere the “Windows Live Mail” is installed.

Outlook state  emails folder


Run “Windows Live Mail” on the computer anywhere you desire to bring in the Outlook Express emails. (If you don't contain wrap up yet, See how to install Windows Live Mail)


Setup the similar email explanation in “Windows Live Mail” so as to you contain in “Outlook Express” (You don't require to do petroleum pace if you by now contain additional explanation in Windows Live Mail).


Click on “File” menu > Import > Messages.

Import mail  windows live mail


Select “Microsoft Outlook Express 6″ arrangement and clack “Next” button.

Import as of  Outlook Express 6


Click the “Browse” button.

browse the mail  folder

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you're fully informed about Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail | MS Windows, keep reading.

choose the “Outlook Express” file so as to derivative in Step-3, clack “OK” button.

choose folder

Click “Next” button.

choose file


Select a exact emails file similar to “Inbox” so as to you counting similar to to bring in eager on “Windows Live Mail” or select “All folders” and clack “Next”.

Folder to bring in  eager  on  windows live mail

Click “Finish” button at what time you see “Import Complete” message.

import complete


Click on petroleum minute separator to sight all folders, see screenshot below.

Expand shortcut windows live mail

All email mail so as to you contain imported eager on “Windows Live Mail” determination be beneath Storage folders > Imported Folders > Local Folder. Expand as,at the same occasion as folders and select “Inbox” file as exposed in screenshot.

imported emails


Select an email in Messages catalog windowpane and press Ctrl+A to select all messages. Right clack and select “Move to folder…” option

Transfer Emails as of  Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail | MS Windows


Select the pertinent email file (e.g. Inbox) beneath email explanation person's name so as to you contain additional in step-5 and clack “OK” button to go,shift all emails.

Move emails

You contain transferred all by means of Outlook Express Message eager on Windows Live Mail successfully.

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