Apple Online Store Opens iPhone 4S Pre-Orders On October 7th

iPhone Release
Since the launch of the iPhone 4, the user can not update your iPhone to something bigger or better. Apple releases focus on the CDMA version of the iPhone and is considered a giant leap for the company. For iPhone users on the other side, the device is faster and the new IOS is pretty good, but Apple did wait about 16 months to testify next-generation devices.
iPhone 5 Release
While everyone is waiting for the iPhone 5 is released to fix the IOS 5, Apple offers a great new relationship, and announced the launch of the iPhone 4 is the iPhone 4S more efficiently with the same look. Some iPhone users are frustrated with the fact that the next generation iPhone will be more age and experience can only be better. However, everyone wants to try our luck in the new iPhone capabilities faster and faster processer.
iPhone 4S Pre-orders
Apple has announced that pre-order the iPhone 4S can October 7. As usual, there will be a large queue in front of Apple stores in the iPhone 4S released to the public, but to pre-order in that waiting can really save big. However, they also must understand that this may cause more delay to get the iPhone 4S. You should check the Apple website very soon the October 7 to ensure that pre-orders are available.

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