Brikk Didn’t Get It Right With iPhone 5 Casing

iPhone cases can be very expensive, from the many different cases pimped to date came on the market. Brikké example is "cut" if it is designed for iPhone 4 and also teaches iPhone 5. This does not conform to the knowledge of the iPhone went on sale in May in October. Deck is making the rounds at the end of a round that is not like the iPhone 4. Some are almost certainly the iPhone 5 also has a design modification.
When it comes to "trim" casing Brikké offered assurances to customers about the offer of a store at no cost if the iPhone was released December 30 this year. Taking into account the cost of a box of up to $ 4,000 for the model of titanium has been promoting is not surprising that they offer a guarantee like this. Case is clear for iPhone 4, not iPhone 5. Something that expensive should be designed to fit the phone, that should be done. Brikké expected to have a new design soon.
So the question remains, can anyone really afford something that expensive should be designed properly? Although it has many features, it is not at all sure that it is still in accordance with iPhone 5. Therefore, it may come back to the drawing board for the cover and the iPhone 4 Brikké.

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