Using Limera1n to Unlock iPhone 3Gs 4.1

Are you interested in unlocking the iPhone 3G 4.1? You might have known that the iPhone 3G has a version 4.1, which is locked to AT and T or Verizon. Both service providers will be officially approved by Apple to see the unique products. Can you imagine enjoying your iPhone 3G without limitation that Apple is set for all models of iPhone, so trying to find the right software to unlock iPhone 3G 4.1 mechanism.
To begin to unlock the iPhone 3G jailbreak 4.1 or process, you can benefit from Limera1n. The process is quiet easy and simple, but requires some initial steps to prepare. Download Limera1n application is the first step. You can get on the Internet and install on your computer. Does your PC and iPhone 3G can connect to the USB port to connect your device and connect the USB port on your PC. After a few seconds, hold the "Power" and "Home". This means that you place your iPhone 3G into DFU mode programming exercise in the process of opening the iPhone 3G.
Also, immediately visible on-screen icons Limera1n iPhone 3G. The next step to unlock the iPhone 3G to launch Limera1n click the icon for your PC. iPhone 3G Applications will be connected to your PC and your device will display the installed Limera1n. Finally, after the installation is complete, you can fully enjoy the new iPhone 3G smartphone is to unlock the mechanism.

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