Misses and Hits of Rumored iPhone 5 Features

The media is all a hotbed of information that October 4 is the opening of iPhones 5. Several different media are given an invitation to this event. With rumors running wild since January, there are many features that are recognized in May with a new iPhone with multiple release dates for the iPhone. Here are some of the characteristics associated with the iPhone 5. IOS 5 is one of the worst kept secrets of the iPhone 5 is rumored and 200 new features.
CPU Unit is rumored to be better than the A4. This will make the A5, which is already available and has to take into account the possibility of A6. The length of the rumors is that he should live longer than at present. Since the report was not available regarding the storage, use as you like. One important thing is that everyone will have 5 GB of space and if you icloud, you get more. The shape of the iPhone 5 also argues that the majority of the iPhone 4.
iPhone 5 Section must be greater memory than previous versions. It must be according to the rumors of 1GB. Connectivity means it is the mobile world with the addition of LTE. These are just a few hits and lost for the iPhone five could think while we wait for Apple to unveil the new iPhone to the public.

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