Unlocking iphone – How Can Connectivity Feature Be Improved?

Improved connectivity features after receiving from the Unlocking the iPhone software?
This article describes some applications you can download for your iPhone with jailbreak. Although there are many applications, this article share some amazing applications to improve connectivity with the iPhone.
Unlocking iPhone Tools Offer Improvements in Many Areas
IPhone unlock software has the uncanny ability to extend what iPhone can do. While the factory default settings, not jailbroken phones only accept pre-built services and features, iPhone jailbreak tools can give you more. There are many places that can do better if the iPhone unlock solution is applied to the Apple device. You can have the flexibility to use other SIM card, enhanced personalization and customization, better connectivity, entertainment and improvement, and more.
SwirlyMMS for Improving MMS on Your Jailbroken iPhone
To send and receive multimedia activities, SwirlyMMS will bring a better experience for the jailbroken iPhone. You now have a user interface that resembles an email client easy and intuitive to use. You can have an Inbox, Sent folder and delete the message. This application will allow users to jailbreak iPhone to save text and other multimedia content formats incoming multimedia messages. Multimedia content delivery can use this application. When you are planning to write an MMS message, you have four options as follows (1) write a text message, (2) cutting a new image with the iPhone's camera, (3) Adding an image file of your photo albums and camera roll, and (4) the selection of any multimedia file from the file browser.
You can adjust the size of a file to send, the application automatically apply different compression ratios. SwirlyMMS is available for download via Cydia on free 14 day trial.
The biteSMS Patches Compatibility Issue Brought by JailbreakMe
If you asked JailbreakMe 3.0 for iPhone unlocking software, you can find the downside of compatibility issues. They complain that the iPhone is jailbreak will start an infinite loop when the user starts the Rapid Response function. Fortunately, biteSMS version 5.5 patched the problem of harmony. Although, the application will still receive some improvement is compatible with the latest, come IOS 5.
There are several features biteSMS 5.5 certainly not exceed jailbreak SMS applications. Here are some of the remarkable features of the application.
- Send the message are the most notable features. You can slide the bubble of all messages received in your inbox that will take you to a menu of options.
- Landscape mode is possible with a software jailbreak for the iPhone. For many users feel more comfortable for them and type messages in landscape mode. This biteSMS 5.5 enables users to do so.
- Quick response promised patched version. The application allows you to respond to instant messaging on the iPhone with jailbreak.
This application provides a simple way to change biteSMS shipping options to your phone. Some other important features of this application is the rapid creation, emoticons, and the sender's identity private.

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