Take secret spy photos with SpyPhoto jailbreak tweak

Spyware and spy cameras will become more common and allow this, take a photo spy nice. Now, you can use the iPhone camera to take pictures without using a secret camera iPhone application. If you have opened the iPhone, you can use the latest application SpyPhoto secret shoot.
Set SpyPhoto jailbreak allows you to call the front facing camera or behind the iPhone without manually open the camera application. This trick is also disable the sound generated by the iPhone and a camera that can take pictures of suspected espionage at the road. Adjust the speed of jailbreak is not absolute, and can actually make some spy shots usually without causing any suspicion.
SpyPhoto can be downloaded from Cydia for $ 1.50 and this trick can be activated by an active choice. This allows you to set and activate the capture precious moments of spy missions without leaving the application or game you are currently using. The whole process took photos with SpyPhoto takes less than one second and, obviously, far better than the normal iPhone camera application.
Even if you are interested in this type of mission the spy James Bond, you can definitely use this application to take pictures quickly without having to open a new application. It is easy to use and no degradation with respect to image quality.

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