Add a Calculator to the Browser Google Chrome

SUMMARY: Add a calculator with a scroll-back buffer and support for variables to Google Chrome.

As mentioned elsewhere in MalekTips, Google comes built-in with a calculator so you can perform basic math functions, currency conversions, and units of measurement conversions. However, accessing this tool may be inconvenient if you need to perform calculations while inside another web page.

With the "Chromey Calculator" extension you can add a calculator button directly inside Google Chrome providing access to Google's calculator features. You can also assign values to variables - more below.

1. From Google Chrome, visit the Chromey Calculator page.

2. Click the "Install" button.

3. Click "Install" in the "Confirm Installation" dialog box when prompted.

Confirming installing the "Chromey Calculator" extension in Google Chrome

4. Once the extension has installed, clicking the calculator button to the right of the address bar opens the "Chromey Calculator" extension.

Using the "Chromey Calculator" in Google Chrome

As you use the calculator, functions and results scroll back so you can see previous entries. Click the "Clear" button to remove all the calculations.

Variables are supported. According to the FAQ:

"User variables must start with an "@" sign followed by one or more letters, numbers, or underscores. The "@" variable is reserved for storing the most recent result."

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