View Browsing History

SUMMARY: View the list of websites recently browsed with Google Chrome.

Want to view the most recently-viewed websites browsed with Google Chrome? Pull up the History and see where you have been on the Internet. Each History item is hyperlinked so you can go back to sites with one click. Plus, you can search through your History items to find a particular site.

To view the History, either:

A. Click on the Tools button and select "History".

B. Press Ctrl + H

C. Hold down the back or forward button for a couple of seconds (if either button is enabled) and choose "Show Full History" from the pop-up menu that appears.

In the "History" screen you can click "Delete history for this day" if you wish to purge history items for said day.

Also, your history items are searchable - enter the text you wish to search for and click "Search history". Google Chrome searches not only the website's name but text inside each webpage. Plus, screenshots of resulting web pages are shown to the right.

Searching the history of websites visited with Google Chrome

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