Report a Web Page that is Not Working Correctly

SUMMARY: If a webpage refuses to display or function correctly in Google Chrome and you have tested it with other browsers, report the bug to Google. This tip includes advice on what to include in the report.

If you're having trouble using or even viewing a particular web page while browsing the web in Google Chrome, and if the page displays and works correctly with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers, you can report the problem to Google:

1. Click the Page button near the top-right of the Chrome browser window.

2. Select "Report bug or broken website".

3. A "Report Bug or Broken Web Site" dialog box appears with the name of the current web site and the "Page URL" field filled in with the current page URL.

Google Chrome's "Report Bug or Broken Web Site" dialog box

4. Click the pull-down next to "Bug type" to choose the type of problem you are experiencing:

* Page won't load (make sure you can load it in another browser)

* Page looks odd (compared to other browsers - elaborate below)

* Phishing page (this isn't a Google Chrome bug per se, but let Google know to add the page to its list of malware sites)

* Can't sign in (make sure you can sign in with another browser)

* Google Chrome is misbehaving (have you tried a reinstall unless the misbehavior is tied to a specific page?)

* Something's missing

* Browser crash ... go boom

* Other problem

Selecting a Google Chrome bug type to report

5. Make sure the "Page URL" is correct.

6. Next to "Description", describe the problem clearly and using detail. If something looks odd, what exactly is the problem? What part of the page does not display correctly, which button does not work, etc. If a feature works correctly in other browsers, mention which other browsers you have tested with their version numbers.

Unless the bug is on a site's home page, explain the steps you took to get to the current page in question. Mention if you logged into the site (do not include your username and password). If a search on the page caused the problem (and it does not cause problems with other browsers), retype the search query as long as it does not contain personal / private information.

7. Keep "Send screen shot of current page" checked if appropriate.

8. Click the "Send report" button.

Note that you will not receive a personal response, but the information you provide will help in updating Google Chrome. Also, you may want to send an e-mail to the webmaster of the site you are having problems on, or use their "contact us" page, if applicable. If they receive enough similar reports they may be able to develop a work-around to the problem.

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