Change Calendar Font in Navigation Pane, Optionally Make it Really Big

SUMMARY: For variety, readability, or personal preference, alter the font used to display the calendar in Outlook 2007's Navigation Pane.

By default, when viewing the Calendar inside the Navigation Pane of Microsoft Outlook 2007, the default font of 8 point Segoe UI is used for consistency with the rest of the Outlook display. However, for personal preference this appearance can be tweaked to have the calendar stand out:

1. Select "Tools" - "Options".

2. The "Options" multi-tabbed dialog box appears. Click the "Other" tab.

3. Underneath "General", click the "Advanced Options" button.

Accessing Outlook 2007's Advanced Options

4. The "Advanced Options" dialog box appears. Underneath "Appearance options", next to "Date Navigator" click the "Font" button.

Changing the Date Navigator font in Outlook 2007

5. A standard "Font" dialog box will appear where you can change the font name, size, and style. Note that fonts larger than 8 pt. may either not appear correctly in Outlook, or you may have to increase the width of the Navigation Pane.

6. After making your selections, click "OK" on the three dialog boxes to close them.

The Navigation Pane's Calendar has now changed to reflect your font choice.

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