Double Underline Text to Make it Stand Out

SUMMARY: Focus on important text in a Visio 2007 document by underlining it twice.

One way to focus a reader's attention onto certain text in a Microsoft Visio 2007 document is to underline the text, something easy to do by pressing the underline button in the toolbar or pressing Ctrl + U. But what if you want to really draw focus to an important word or phrase? Underline it twice - here's how.

1. Select the text you wish to double underline.


A. Select "Format" - "Text" in the main menu, or right-click the selected text and choose "Format" - "Text" from the popup menu.

The "Text" dialog box appears. Click the "Underline" pull-down and select "Double".

Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

B. Press Ctrl + Shift + D

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