Choose Your Favorite Google Doodle

SUMMARY: When browsing Google from Google Chrome, replace their logo with that of your favorite Google Doodle.

 Google's front page, while normally showing the company logo, occasionally shows a 'Doodle' related to a local holiday, a famous person's birthday, or an event of local or global significance. Some of these doodles are quite elaborate, and perhaps you've seen one and would like to use it to replace the normal Google logo.

With the "Favorite Doodle" extension for Google Chrome you can browse through a library of previous Doodles, including some you may not have seen as they were targeted to certain areas. Then, with the click of a button you can make any Doodle replace the graphic you see when visiting Google's home page.

1. From Google Chrome, visit the Favorite Doodle page.

2. Click the "Install" button.

3. Click "Install" in the "Confirm Installation" dialog box when prompted.

Confirming installing the "Favorite Doodle" extension in Google Chrome

4. After installing this extension, visit Google's home page and click the Doodle that has replaced the normal Google logo.

Accessing the Google Doodle Gallery

5. Now navigate the gallery pages and when you find a Doodle you like, click its "Make This My Favorite Doodle!" button.

Making a Doodle your favorite via the "Favorite Doodle" extension for Google Chrome

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