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SUMMARY: Play a prank on your friends by forcing pages to display upside down when in Google Chrome.

As one of the more... well... unique extensions for Google Chrome, "Upside Down" does exactly as the name states - it flips web pages upside down. The extension is invisible except for being found in the "Extensions" menu, perfect for a prank (though I take no responsibility for any repercussions!)

Please don't play this trick on someone about ready to do their taxes, pay bills online, or perform other important tasks.

To install:

No, I didn't rotate this image - it's just Upside Down in action inside Google Chrome

1. From Google Chrome, visit the Upside Down page.

2. Click the "Install" button.

3. Click "Install" in the "Confirm Installation" dialog box when prompted.

Confirming installing the "Upside Down" extension in Google Chrome

4. After installing this extension, you'll need to access its options via the "Extensions" menu. Click the "Wrench" menu, selecting "Extensions".

5. Next to "Upside Down", click the "Options" button.

6. Now choose what you want flipped (or "Nothing"), and enter in how many seconds the extension should wait before flipping pages. Note that this extension will not flip currently-viewed pages, only new ones.

Accessing Upside Down options in Google Chrome

7. Click "Save" to save your settings.

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