Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has evolved into one of the most effective tools in mass communication of the century. Its appeal lies in the fact that it can breach vast distance and time zones, combined with the fact that there are many free alternatives available. People oftentimes incorrectly assumes that its main use is for business alone, when in truth its business market only contributes to a small percentage of its market share. It is possible to broaden the definition of video conferencing to include the long standing use of VHF / UHF links by TV feeds, to report from numerous locations. In this case only one person can be seen by someone on the other side. It also includes the relatively new technology of webcams. From merely these two examples, millions of people globally utilize the power of this technology on a daily basis. It's clear to see that this type of video technology encompasses many more uses than mere business meetings. This technology has simply cemented itself in the way we use modern technology.

Although the business aspect is not the only feature of this technology, its benefits and advantages it holds for business should not be ignored or underestimated. Video conferencing enables the sales person to meet with many more potential clients, without the hassle and expense of travelling. It offers the business the chance to expand their clientele and offer great customer service without even leaving the office. The past times where the employee had to travel to each individual client's office or location limited his potential by human capacity and time constraints. The rising costs of travel also simply add to your overhead, not to mention the amount of lost productivity while en route. By utilizing this technology you will be able to reach and meet many more clients in an online setting than you would ever be able to by meeting with each one individually.

Yet another important industry that has found value in the power and advanced technology of video conferencing is long distance education. With the increased availability of broadband internet and increased bandwidth, the industry at long last has been able to start harnessing the power of this technology themselves. Some of the benefits attributed to the use of this technology in this industry are that the costs of education can be kept to a minimum. There is no need to spend vast amounts of money on expensive venues, and people in remote areas are now also able to receive quality education. Other uses from higher education institutions and educational bodies include lectures presented by people who are in a remote location, or those that find themselves away from campus. Faculty at various institutions and campuses can stay in touch and share research without the need to even travel.

In the past, people were limited to dealing with merely one person at a time over the phone. Video conferencing allows the sales person to meet with and reach more decision makers in a business. Rushed schedules now aren't a problem anymore as meetings can be scheduled even if the various parties aren't on the same continent. It is clear to see that this technology is here to stay.

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