What is High Speed T1 Line?

In business, time is gold. So we only want the fastest and high-quality service for our business. That's where this kind of internet connection comes in - what every business need for fast and reliable internet access.

A high speed T1 is capable of sending and receiving data or voice at 1.544 Mbps at the same time. A T1 line has 24 channels. What makes T1 connection even better is that even if there are 50 users downloading and uploading simultaneously, the speed remains the same. This is because this digital line offers an individual bandwidth for each user of the same T1 line. It's not just the speed that makes T1 line the best option for internet connection. Being available all the time, a connection that is "always on", makes high speed T1 reliable for your business. Your business will enjoy faster web browsing, high-quality web conferencing, sending and receiving large data, email with large attachments and many more. This guarantees increase in work output.

There are different types of high speed T1 including full T1, fractional, and integrated. Full T1, as the name suggests, provides complete 24 channels of a T1 at 64 Kbps each. Full T1 is the best option for businesses having 5-50 employees accessing the internet. Integrated T1 is the one for you if you want to have the option of designating how many of the 24 channels are designated for voice calls and for data purposes. A fractional T1, on the other, is best if you only need some fractions of the 24 channels. Using this type of T1 cost less for you will only pay for the channels you are using. Bonded T1 is a single pipeline that offers superb performance in delivering increased bandwidth.

High speed T1 offers consistent fast internet connection which is available all the time. The type of high speed T1 suitable for your business depends on your needs.

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