Content Or Backlinks? Which is More Important in Website Promotion?

This is the question I faced on last day from one of my client. He is on the way to create a business website to promote his business. He understand the importance of promoting a website in Google to get more business proposals. So he need my help to promote his website. He read some where that it is the links which are pointing to our website gives value to our website. When Google see the links they give more importance to his website. In the same time in another article he read it is the content which decides the rank of a website in major search engines. So finally he is confused.

In Internet marketing we cannot avoid both content and backlinks. Both are very important. Among Search Engine Optimizers content is called king and links are called queens. It means content has more importance than links. it does not mean you can succeed in web promotion without backlinks. We need back links too but it is the content which decides how much valuable this website is. Search Engines are looking for fresh and unique contents. If a website does not have quality content, it is not much useful for a visitor. In that case Google will not give much importance to that website. It results in low search result ranking.

Quality content in website has many advantages.They are:

1. It attract more users to the website

2. Chances of getting more natural links to the content page

3. Search Engines like quality content

No one is interested to read a website which has no quality content. Websites with duplicate and low quality content may receive initial traffic by the power of artificially generated backlinks. Later search engines will realise the truth and may reduce the ranking of the website. For a website having quality content always have a room for getting natural backlinks. It happens when a user visit this website, read the read the content, may put a reference to this page from his blog or bookmarking accounts. This kind of links are called natural links. Google values natural links and gradually without any link building efforts your website will get enough number of backlinks. This result a boost for your website in search engine results.

So in a nutshell you should utilize your time for writing quality content for your website. Artificial Link building cannot help you much without having quality content. After all the ultimate aim is to get readers. So you should spent your time for generating useful things for your visitors.

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